We are group of professional, graduate student, and doctorate student who are passionate to experience and share the the love of Jesus to other. 


We are a group of people who are passionate about bringing Jesus to the workplace. Besides that, we are fun, adventurous and love to build lasting relationships.


Ignite is defined as "to catch fire". As a hotspot, we fuel ourselves with the holy spirit and set God's fire within us. We focus on becoming the salt of the earth & the light of the world. 

Located in Northgate area, our Hotspot members are students & recent graduates from University of Washington, Seattle University, and other colleges around the area.


  • Hanna Tania

    (206) 913-9690

  • Melvin Russel Tan

    (206) 790-8055

  • Calrin Mulyadi

    (626) 400-7466

  • Rafaella Tio

    (425) 319-9763


  • Andy Aditya

    (425) 773-7148

  • Tanya Rantung

    (425) 737-0808


  • Jessica Evania

    (206) 739-2314

  • Jonathan Nusantara

    (206) 823-4290

  • Wilton Sutardi

    (206) 488-6836

  • Griselda Philberta

    (206) 739-2856